Oct 17, 2012

Terminan Journal: Entry #8

I began my journey in the land of the dead by returning to the graveyard. The gravekeeper didn't have anything to say that he hadn't already told me, so I explored the area a bit. Eventually, I came across something odd hidden behind the gravekeeper's shack: A massive skeleton! There was a message inscribed on a slate next to it that talked of a hero awakening the skeleton's soul. I pulled out my ocarina and tried playing the Sonata of Awakening I learned from the monkey long ago in the Deku Palace, and as soon as I played the last note, the skeleton jumped to life!

After a short battle, the skeleton admitted defeat. He introduced himself as Skull Keeta, captain of the Ikana army. He said that the kingdom he once served had long ago fallen, but the dark curse seeping from the Stone Tower kept their souls in eternal unrest. He suggested that I see his king in the ruined Ikana Castle, and offered me his captain's hat as proof of authority over his former servants.

It grew dark as I returned to the graveyard, and the land was crawling with the undead. But with Captain Keeta's hat, most of them paid me no mind. I noticed a group of Stalchildren guarding a particular grave, and ordered them to let me in so I could see what was important enough to keep safe even after death.

The grave lead into a vast underground cavern, and at the back of this cavern was an old crypt. Inside this crypt, I met with the ghost of an ancient composer. He told me of his brother, who had been corrupted by the curse and was causing strife within the canyon. He then taught me a special song that he had written that could be used to quell his brother's restless spirit. But it was a song that I already knew... the Song of Storms!

I continued my exploration of the canyon, and eventually found the ruins of Ikana Village. But one building in particular caught my eye. It was clearly newly built, and had a set of very large pipes coming out of the top of it. It looked like a massive music box! For some reason, there was also a waterwheel attached to the side of this house, even though there was not a drop of water to be found anywhere.

I thought to see if anyone was inside, but I dared not approach, as a group of Gibdos were circling the house. Instead, I searched the surrounding area. I quickly found the gates to the castle, but they had been sealed shut long ago. I would need to find another way in. Not far from the castle gates, I found a deep, empty well, with a tunnel that lead towards the castle. Figuring that I could use this passage to enter the castle grounds, I headed in, but was quickly met with a swarm of Gibdos!

I decided to explore the well later.

I then found a cave in the back of the village. The inside of this cave smelled foul, and the air was thick with an awful mist. There was a small spring at the center, but the water looked toxic. I turned to leave this terrible place, but I was suddenly stopped by another ghost! He began to play a most unpleasant song that actually caused me physical pain, but this tipped me off to the fact that he was the composer's brother! I fought through the pain shooting through my body just enough to play the Song of Storms.

The soothing rain stopped the composer's song, and washed away the curse placed upon him. As he faded away, the rain began to cleanse the spring and fill it, creating a small creek that flowed out into the village.

It seemed that this creek was always present until recently, because it flowed into the music box house's waterwheel perfectly! As it began to turn, a strange, cheerful tune began to play, booming out of the large pipes and filling the canyon with a very out of place sense of happiness. But even stranger, the Gibdos surrounding the house seemed to be in pain! I would soon learn that the song was specially designed to ward off evil spirits, and sure enough, the Gibdos were soon banished.

I approached the house to investigate, and saw a small girl peeking out of the door. But as soon as she saw me, she slammed the door shut and refused to let me in.

I hid a distance away and waited for her to exit the house again. I knew there was something of importance inside that house, and I had to find out what it was. She eventually left to gather water from the stream, and I took this opportunity to sneak in.

The house looked rather unremarkable at first, but then I found my way into the basement. The basement was turned into a small laboratory, and it seemed that the researcher here was studying Gibdos. There were drawings and diagrams of the creatures scattered everywhere.

Suddenly, I heard a noise from inside the nearby closet. I turned to look just as a Gibdo burst out from within! I was shocked to see one of the foul beasts kept inside this place, and before I could do anything, the small girl came rushing in and forced me out of the house.

I don't understand why this girl seems to be protecting that Gibdo, but I feel like I need to do something about this situation. I have an idea, but it will need to wait until I can sneak back in. Until then, I shall take a quick rest.


I managed to gain entry to the music box house again a few hours later. I found the Gibdo hidden away in the closet again, but this time I was prepared. As the creature forced its way out of its prison, I drew my ocarina and quickly played the Song of Healing.

As I had expected, the Gibdo stopped in its tracks. There was a flash of light and the clatter of a mask falling to the ground, and standing before me was a very confused looking man. Just then, the girl came running in to see what was happening. Seeing that her father had been healed, she leapt into his arms and cried into his coat.

I silently took the mask and left them alone.

The mask I had acquired was truly the most horrible mask yet. The Gibdo Mask was so convincing that even the Gibdos themselves believed me to be one of their own! However, this proved to be lucky for me, as I could use this new disguise to get through the well and into Ikana Castle. I entered the castle to meet with the king, but the curse had affected him as well, and I had to strike him down. But after the battle, his cleansed spirit lended me his assistance. He taught me a very strange song that allowed me to summon empty, heartless soldiers. These soldiers made it possible for me to climb the Stone Tower.

Stone Tower was an extremely unsettling place. Everything about it screamed sin and evil, and I could not ever escape the deep sense of dread I felt just from being there. The tower was filled with evil creatures and spirits, and in order to proceed through I even had to use the tower's magic to flip reality itself upside down, putting the land above my head and the sky just below my feet!

It was a dizzying ordeal, but eventually I found my way to the pinnacle, or perhaps the bottom, of the tower. It was here that I found two unusual things; An old mask, and a strange portal. The mask had some powerful magic within it, and I knew that it would be helpful for whatever lay on the other side of that portal.

I jumped in, and found myself in a vast desert. It was here that I encountered the source of the evil curse plaguing the land of Ikana. As the pair of gigantic worms swirled in the air above me, I put on the mask I had just found. Suddenly, I exploded in size, rivaling that of the Giants themselves! In this form, I slayed the evil worms with little effort, cleansed Ikana of its curse, and freed the final Giant.

As the Giant urged me to summon him and his friends, Tatl couldn't help noticing that he sounded very sad...

Captain's Hat - The Leader
Gibdo Mask - The Healer
Giant's Mask -  The Warrior


This is it. The end of my journey through the land of Termina. It is now evening of the final day, and I am waiting for the clock tower to once again reveal the path to the Skull Kid. What will happen to us... to ALL of us... once I confront the Skull Kid and summon the Giants? Can they stop the moon's descent? Will the Skull Kid use the mask's dark power to cause another calamity? Can I even retrieve Majora's Mask safely?

I do not know what will happen to me atop the clock tower. To be honest, I'm actually a little afraid. But I will confront this threat, and do whatever I can to stop it.

I have decided to give this journal to the mask salesman. If anything should happen to me, if Termina cannot be saved... I would like this story to find its way back to the land I call home. Perhaps this book can find its way into the hands of a dear friend I left behind, so she may know what became of me, and why I may never return.

Goddess of Time, please aid me with this final act...


The boy has indeed given me his journal. The clock tower will be opening itself very shortly, and his long journey will come to an end.

I have spent these past hours reading this tale of pain and happiness. It is truly a remarkable story, filed with hope and heroism. However, I fear for the boy's safety. He has spent too much time in the land of Termina, and has adopted the Terminan way of life. He has gathered a large number of masks during his travels, and these multiple personas he has adopted are clearly clouding his mind. He has assumed responsibility for these people to a crippling degree, and he has become overburdened with their dreams and futures.

While reading this journal, I have left notes of my thoughts and kept track of the many faces he has collected in his travels. In order to conquer his coming trial, he will need to shed these layers of protection, and find himself once more. Then, and only then, will he discover the strength to save the people of Termina.

But I have faith in him. I believe he will succeed after meeting the challenge ahead of him. I will save this journal for our next meeting, and I will allow him to write the ending to this story.

Yes, I believe in the boy. Faith... you must always have faith...

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